DIVA Project

Research Activities

One of the main objectives of VHS-MSA DIVA Project is to improve strategic information about the impact of HIV on Transgender population. Thus it becomes important that country-level studies are carried out to build the strategic knowledge to strengthen the national HIV response for Transgender people.

Accordingly, in the project the following research studies have been undertaken:

(i) Transgender Stigma Index: Development and validation of a stigma monitoring tool for use among trans people in India
The study intends to develop, pilot-test and validate a comprehensive ‘Trans Stigma Index’ to measure stigma and discrimination by trans women in various spheres of life and from different stakeholders in diverse settings. The tool can be used to track changes in trends of different components of stigma and discrimination faced by Hijra / Trans women, thus providing evidence for where the program needs to focus on and thus may contribute to the ‘zero discrimination’ goal of UNAIDS and NACO.

(ii) Operation research on improving HIV service delivery
The study aims to identify the the current challenges faced in implementing the existing package of TI services for TG/Hijra people, develop appropriate practical strategies for reaching out to ‘hard-to-reach’ H/TG people and offer recommendations for improving the service delivery, consistent condom usage, application of information technology.

The soft copies of the study reports are available upon given below:

S.No Particulars
1. TG Gender Recongnition Study Final report Download
2. Operational Research Download